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Today Individuals have long lives, in fact, every 8 seconds another baby boomer reaches the milestone age of 60. There are more people that are over 65 years old than under the age of 25, most of these individuals prefer to live in their own house and not in a care facility. We are all aware that as we age, our vision, mobility, and strength changes. We’re not the same person that we used to be. So sometimes we don’t have a choice but to move out. Making your home an ideal environment to age in place will be a great marketing strategy when it’s time to let someone new have your home.

Another instance is when a person is unable to live independently in their home, and sometimes that happens suddenly, the next choice is living with one of their adult children. Close to 30% of the population is involved with caring for the seniors among us, with over 16 million of them caring for both their children AND their parents in their home, making them the “sandwich generation”. If you have the same situation right, are you sure that you’re home is properly designed for your old parents? If you’re still not in that situation you should try to consider redesigning your house into something that is more comfortable for your aged parents.

It’s really very uncommon for a house to have a lot of entrance that is actually pretty much accessible for your family. You can make remodeling improvements using universal design elements to your home to make it user friendly whether you, or a visitor, are navigating a stroller or a wheelchair. It is much less expensive to consider making your home user friendly for everyone at all ages and abilities at the time of remodeling, than trying to retrofit later.

Let us help you make your house a visitable home for all ages. W e would definitely render the best services and make all your ideas becomes reality.

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LOVE my custom closet

We had one of those closets that often come in houses from the 60s, you know the kinda....sliding door and 2 racks to hang stuff on. Ugh. We had an interior designer whip something up and it took the closet of the same type from the other side of the wall. In the end, we got this awesome walk in closet with a dress rack for me, suit rack for him, quiet close drawers, marble countertop and all the shoe space you could want. It's awesome! Thanks so much, Pete!

— Natalie M, Phoenix, AZ