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Are you tired of watching your old boring house and now you want something new and fresh? Celano Construction is just the answer to all your home problems. They are undoubtedly the best in what they do! You may want something new in your eyes like a new office design or the latest entertainment room designs that can definitely make your house into something awesome!

I bet you have a dining room that you barely use, are you thinking of getting rid of it and turn it into something that is more useful to you? Or you may want to have a quiet space to read or work? Maybe a place to exercise? A room dedicated to playing music? A man cave? Celano Construction will definitely make all these things possible in your own home!

Is your family getting bigger and now your having problems with how small your laundry room is? Stop worrying! Celano Construction have the best solution for you, they have a lot of options where you can choose from and together you a can optimized your laundry room!

When it comes to remodeling, a lot of people don’t realize the use of home cabinetry goes beyond the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. The versatility of cabinetry allows you to design for the functions you need and beautify your home at the same time! Of special benefit is the elimination of stress and overwhelm one can experience encountering disorganization.

Celano Construction can provide you with a wide variety of colors and designs that you can choose for your cabinets!

Walk-in closet systems and garage cabinetry for a sleek clean look is now the most popular trend now a days. How wonderful would it be to have a personally designed home office space or even computer-message-mail sort station to optimize efficiency and organization? We can create a custom personal library for books and showcasing your art and family photos. How about an entertainment media center or an armoire for the bedroom just the size to tuck away the tv?

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LOVE my custom closet

We had one of those closets that often come in houses from the 60s, you know the kinda....sliding door and 2 racks to hang stuff on. Ugh. We had an interior designer whip something up and it took the closet of the same type from the other side of the wall. In the end, we got this awesome walk in closet with a dress rack for me, suit rack for him, quiet close drawers, marble countertop and all the shoe space you could want. It's awesome! Thanks so much, Pete!

— Natalie M, Phoenix, AZ