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Bedrooms, Den, Family Room, Living Room, Exercise Room,  Hobby / Workshop, Garage, Second Story Addition

Some people prefer to try and sell their home and move, others are looking to remodeling to gain the space and style they need.  Whether it is an extension that will enlarge a room or a full addition (including a second story), it can make more sense to invest in your own home to improve the quality of your family life, and increase home equity or resale value. You know what they say, a nice home for a nice life.

A lot of houses now have more spaces and  little divisions, some have an entertainment room which is very comfy and relaxing, they also have study rooms that have an ambiance of seriousness and peace which is very important for people who needs concentration to study.

Since Americans are becoming more health conscious, they somehow wants to have a place in their house where they can exercise along with their friends. It’s really more fun to exercise with the company of people who’s dear to you! Or better yet you have a hobby that requires you to have a workshop, where you can express yourself freely in whatever hobby you have.

Practical consumers who take advantage of the real opportunities available in this market, will position themselves to make excellent financial gains.  What are the advantages to remodeling now?

Additional labor sources are readily available providing more responsive service

There is a wider selection and lower prices of products available

Remodeling Magazines national research on the average cost to remodel and recouped resale value reported in their 2008-2009 report that it has only declined 3.86% since 2007.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to make the house renovation you’ve long been wanting to have! Contact us now we’ll make your dream house come true!


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LOVE my custom closet

We had one of those closets that often come in houses from the 60s, you know the kinda....sliding door and 2 racks to hang stuff on. Ugh. We had an interior designer whip something up and it took the closet of the same type from the other side of the wall. In the end, we got this awesome walk in closet with a dress rack for me, suit rack for him, quiet close drawers, marble countertop and all the shoe space you could want. It's awesome! Thanks so much, Pete!

— Natalie M, Phoenix, AZ