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Guest House, Pool House, Patio Enclosure, Outdoor Living Room, Gazebo, Deck, Column Removal, Patio Extension and Cover

Do you have an inviting outdoor living space to take advantage of this gift?  Do you have friends and family coming to visit and enjoy our weather?

Celano Construction has developed several strategies for you to extend your living space to the outdoors.  We have column removals down to a science so you can enjoy unobstructed views and have more use of your patio.  We can create an outdoor living room and fireplace taking the comfort of home outdoors.  Perhaps you always wanted to have your own Gazebo in your own yard, we’ve had the pleasure of building a few of those around town!

It’s your choice whether you want an open patio or enclosed it. And when the days are hot, wouldn’t you love to have an outdoor kitchen to do your cooking, to keep the house cool?  Celano construction can definitely meet all your demands just say it and you’ll have it.

When you were a kid, did you get to enjoy a playhouse or a tree house or build your own fort?  Do you want your kids to share the same experiences you had when you we’re their age? Or are you dying to get away, but want to stay near to the conveniences of home?  If you have a huge space on your property building a guest house is really a great idea and very convenient for you, this way your friends or family from another state don’t have to stay at a hotel anymore!

Here are some great choices you can choose from:

as a pool house, recreation room  or home theater

for a private and separate home office

as place for an exercise room, or a hobby room

a destination for a personal home sanctuary or place to retreat

A guest house or Casita’s can also be use for people taking care of elderly or disabled spouse or child. You can provide the caretaker their own space to live and maintain the independence and privacy in your own home.

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LOVE my custom closet

We had one of those closets that often come in houses from the 60s, you know the kinda....sliding door and 2 racks to hang stuff on. Ugh. We had an interior designer whip something up and it took the closet of the same type from the other side of the wall. In the end, we got this awesome walk in closet with a dress rack for me, suit rack for him, quiet close drawers, marble countertop and all the shoe space you could want. It's awesome! Thanks so much, Pete!

— Natalie M, Phoenix, AZ