Bathroom Remodeling


Are these things somewhat familiar?
  • Is the bath tub or bathroom sink chipped, dull, or scratched?
  • Have you got a problem of development of mold inside your grout? (that may be a manifestation of a leak)
  • Do your bathrooms cabinets don’t have the storage, look, and quality that you would like?
  • Have you got a competent toilet? Does your polished brass shower head and taps conserve water? Could they be Water Sense Licensed?
  • Is the lighting source only previously mentioned? (which stresses facial lines!)
  • Are you currently pleased with the exhaust fan?
Do you want to get rid of these issues and take advantage to wind down and renew, in your own a bathroom and  to relish their own individual retreat. Turn it into a fantastic starting point and finish your day with a relaxing and satisfying feeling!
You should definitely get your bathroom renovated! Don’t just be contented with your old bathroom just because your now accustomed to it.

Here are Some Dream Ideas that you would love your bathroom to have:

  • Do you want to have under floor heating that warms up the tile and room?
  • Would you like a stroll in shower without grout lines?
  • Would you like a multi jet, waterfall or rain shower experience?
  • A soaking tub that massages with air jets?
  • A steam shower
  • Use a luxurious Tornado Body Dryer for any soothing after-shower experience.
Most of the time customers underestimate the procedure for bathroom renovation, thinking when they buy items in a hardware store, they are able to obtain the same results as exactly what a effective design-build remodeling company can acquire. Doing it maybe cheaper for you but it’s definitely different when your bathroom renovation is done by a pro! Having a lot of experience and knowledge in bathroom renovation surely gives Celano Construction an edge against other renovating companies in this field of expertise!

Starting to conceptualize your dream bathroom is as simple as gathering pictures from sites like pinterest and Here you can fill your board with bathroom designs that you would love to make your bathroom look like. It’ll also be a great help for your remodeling team to really understand what you want and match your needs.

You may even be thinking about creating for any well-rehearsed walk-in closet which will possess the hanging, shelf, and drawer space for storage you have to organize being prepared for your entire day. Conveniences like a built-in ironing board, baskets for dark and lightweight laundry, staging for packing for outings would be the touches that is important for making existence more organized, and simpler.

Your great remodeling experience won’t maintain the particulars of the site analysis and personalized design, however in the truth of arranging and installation. You’ll be much more happy and relish the results sooner!

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LOVE my custom closet

We had one of those closets that often come in houses from the 60s, you know the kinda....sliding door and 2 racks to hang stuff on. Ugh. We had an interior designer whip something up and it took the closet of the same type from the other side of the wall. In the end, we got this awesome walk in closet with a dress rack for me, suit rack for him, quiet close drawers, marble countertop and all the shoe space you could want. It's awesome! Thanks so much, Pete!

— Natalie M, Phoenix, AZ